Saturday, April 7, 2012

FO Friday: Lotus Hat (+family love)

My aunt was released to hospice care and had a couple good days. On Wednesday she was screaming at Kobe for missing a rebound. But by Thursday afternoon she was having trouble breathing and it looked like she was on her way out. I raced back to LA and spent two days with the family. Thankfully, I had the left over yarn from my Hottie Cozy in my purse and enough left for a neat hat. I had saved the pattern in my phone, so it was perfect.

My cousin was happy to model it for me. You can see my aunt's awesome friends and family in the kitchen. We were surrounded by so many amazing people. It turned out the hat looked way better on my cousin. So now it's hers. :)
My aunt passed away the next day with all her children, grandchildren, me & my sister (her great-nieces) and a couple old dear family friends all around her. It was beautiful and sad and amazing. I miss her dearly but I feel her presence every single day.