Thursday, December 23, 2010


I've been seeing lots of people do the picture-a-day project on their blogs for years and I've totally wanted to do it, too. Then my very good friend Christina from Texas started posting a picture every day on Facebook beginning on her birthday and I loved the idea that, since I'll be seeing her on her next birthday- I should start too and we could be in each other's!

So I thought I'd share... though I'm a bit behind. My birthday was the day after Thanksgiving. I've been posting on Facebook, but I'll start updating you now... a week at a time. Hopefully it will give you an idea of who I am, as well. :)

My mom's side of the family does Thanksgiving on Friday. They are also extremely musical. Throughout the evening we had live music provided by my cousins on guitars, drums, weird percussion instruments someone made and all of us singing and dancing. It was the best birthday I think I've ever had.

The weekend after Thanksgiving the ladies on mom's side got together at my cousin's house for a two-day "Craft Rave of Awesomeness". Several people brought projects to share. My favorite were these little Dia de los Muertos altars. I think my mom would have really loved making these.

On the second day of the rave my cousin was making ninja earrings out of Fimo clay. My little cousin decided to model for them.

My birthday lunch with my favorite Cuban. We recently fell in love with PF Changs.

You've seen my Advent calendar for Hana. This is her's for me. It was in the form of a ridiculously long garland with gifts wrapped rather chicly in brown & cream. I hung it over my bed. That's St. Catherine hanging out with it. :)

One of the little girls who's home I stayed in while I was on NET gave me this little.. thing... she sewed on her play sewing machine. I stuck it in bible & told her I'd pray for her every time I saw it. I don't remember her name but I remember she was from Norman, OK and I pray for her each and every time.

I think you may have seen this and another one of the pictures already. This became my "Ugly Christmas Scarf" that is getting a LOT of use this season. I should really post pictures of the finished product...

Yup. This is the other picture you've seen. My first wrapped present & first addressed Christmas card of the year.

Each year Hana has a holiday potluck / birthday party & tells me I have to bring traditional Mexican soup. For the past 3 years it was posole- which, let me tell you, is a pain in the rear! This year I was allowed to try albondigas- a simple soup with meat balls, veggies & rice. It was WAY easier & so delicious. This is definitely one of my favorite dishes to make now.

Ok.. so that was Friday- the next Saturday. I think I'll start posting Sunday-Saturday once a week.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my life. If you're doing a photo-a-day project be sure to let me know in the comments! I LOVE looking at them.

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