Friday, April 22, 2011

The Internets Are My Friends

Someone on the Ravelry forums recently asked how social media has influenced our craft-lives. First, I found it hilarious that many early posters claimed they don't consider Rav "social media". I think SM gets a bad rap. People think it's only myspace, facebook & twitter... and that none of those sites have any real value.

So my answer? My answer was that:
  • I read blogs (SM1) that inspire my creativity
  • I finally taught myself to knit using youtube videos (SM2) I found on Lunch (SM3)
  • I use Rav (SM4) for inspiration, guidance, venting & sharing
  • I share my projects through facebook (SM5)& have discovered other crafty kindred spirits amongst my friends
  • I find & share inspiration on pinterest (SM6)
I'm sure if I thought about it more I'd find even more ways.

Here's my current issue: I'm wondering if all this inspiration is to my detriment. You already know I'm totally failing at the whole "don't buy more yarn" bit. As you can see in my side-bar over there, I'm also totally failing at the whole "finish your WIPs" thing, too. The problem is that I see new projects and HAVE TO make them NOW. So I buy the yarn & it sits in my stash.

I current have 6 WIPs-- 4 of which I could finish up rather quickly if I just stuck to my guns. I've decided to take next week off from Ravelry in an attempt to use my stitching time for actual stitching instead of browsing. We'll see if this helps!

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