Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Goals

Craft Related:
  • Knit myself a wrap or sweater
  • Finish Jack's mobile before he arrives!
  • Organize my yarn stash & knitting/crocheting supplies
  • NO yarn purchases unless absolutely necessary to finish a WIP
  • Make Christmas presents for Dad's side.*

Non-Craft Related:
  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Rearrange bedroom
  • Clear clutter from living/dinning area
  • Get into a habit of having Personal Prayer Time** every day 

*So last year I decided not to go crazy with Christmas presents for Dad's side of the family. Mom's side has done a gift exchange where each adult only buys a present (around $50) for one other adult for YEARS. My dad's side refuses to do this and instead we all try to stretch very meager budgets to buy for 3  dozen people. Last year I baked & crocheted little Christmas garlands for each family & called it a day. I didn't expect a big reaction, but people LOVED the garlands. So I think I'll do ornaments or something this year.

** On NET we had lots of different specific kinds of prayer time. We had Team Prayer every day where we'd sing & pray together. We of course prayed on retreat. We went to Mass. We prayed in our gender groups. And every single day we each took at least 30 minutes (almost always in the morning) to pray on our own. Something one of the staff members said toward the end of the year has stayed with me ever since: "The way you'll know if your NET year was successful is not if you're still talking to your teammates or if you're working in ministry... You'll know you had a successful year if you're still taking personal prayer time in 20 years." Yeah. I haven't been the best at that. Lately, I've felt really disorganized, anxious & unfocused. I think getting back into that routine will really help with all that.

What are your goals for the next few months?


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