Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday- The Wall

I've missed a few weeks, but it's Wednesday and time for Ginny's Yarn Along.

So that means I'm supposed to show you what I've been working on, right? Ok. Are you ready?

Are you sorry you asked? 

I've hit something of a wall, people. I wish I could be like The Bloggess & steadily blog through depression, but my weeks of relatively silence suggest otherwise. I have, instead, tried to knit my way through it but my propensity toward crafting ADD has gone into overdrive. What you see above is multiple WIPS, some new, some old and some about to be thrown the eff out. And yes, they are all laying on my tile floor because that's pretty much how I feel about them right now. I may or may not have kicked some of them into place. They may or may not still be laying there as I type.

I'm not reading anything. I'm just getting through my own day. I know that I feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish a project, so I'm hoping I have SOMETHING to show you by this weekend. 

In the meantime, I'm taking a very basic Intro to Sewing class on Saturday with some friends. I'm excited about this as my father gave me a very beautiful sewing machine THREE Christmases ago, which is still in its box! Sewing projects are more "immediate gratification" so I'm hoping that will help me get moving on some FINISHED projects. 

What are you working on? Do you recognize any patterns you've made in my pile o' WIPs?


lovestitches said...

Good luck with the sewing classes. Just be warned you might develop a fabric stash to match the yarn stash!

Marfa said...

Is that gray and black stripe your knitting? Looks pretty cool....
Oh, how I envy you...have fun in your sewing class! Do you know what you're going to make first?

(lia) said...

@Steph- I'm SO afraid of building a fabric stash!! I already took over the linen closet with yarn. Where on earth will I put all the fabric? Under the kitchen sink?

@Marfa- The gray & black is actually black KP Sugarbunny and KP Chroma in Midwinter which transitions from blue to gray to purple. I absolutely LOVE this yarn.As far as the sewing class- it's SUPER basic. She'll teach us how to use our machines & sew a straight line basically!

Nicole Elizabeth said...

Well all your WIPs look better than mine. That is something to be proud of! Sewing is as addictive and I find it has more instant gratification than knitting. I still love both though. I will be sending good thoughts your way too. :)

pinkundine said...

Casting on lots of things sounds like an excellent way of dealing with feelings to me - one project for every possible mood. They all look great. Good luck with the sewing :)

Jessica Snell said...

Hey, getting through the day IS an accomplishment. I'm sorry you're struggling with depression; I've seen what a hard fight it is. I hope you get your knitting mojo back soon, just for the fun it brings!