Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Secret Revealed... Sadly

So yesterday I told you I was working on a secret project and couldn't say why. Here's the story:

Two of my best friends have been trying to adopt for a while. They are moving in July because S is finishing his residency and will have a permanent position in Oregon. They got a call last Thursday that there was a baby up for adoption. My friends were one of four possible placements. The head of the agency was really pushing for my friends, but ultimately it was up to the County to decide.

Well... this morning the County decided that because they are moving the baby should be placed with another couple. It's sad, but we have to believe that it just wasn't meant to be.

So... the secret project. I try to make baby blankets whenever someone really close to me is having a baby. I've know what I would make for these friends for a while, and even bought the yarn for it. But it didn't seem like it was happening anytime soon, so I hadn't started. Last Thursday, with the agency saying my friend were their first choice, I went ahead and started, hoping I'd have enough time to finish the blanket by the time the transition process was over & my friends had the baby in their home.

Here are some of the squares I finished:

I like the little elephant motif because my friends' house if FULL of elephants. I've actually made about 5 more so far. It's been a good exercise in keeping my tension correct while working with two colors. I definitely need some more work on that. I'm tempted to throw this in the "hibernating" pile, but I think I'll slowly keep working on the squares. They take about 2 hours a piece even though they're tiny because I'm so bad at colorwork. At least I have time now to undo ones that aren't perfect and I don't feel so pressured. 

Because I have a friend at the adoption agency I know that the baby ended up with a very nice couple who are actually similar in a lot of ways to my friends. I know he's with the parents he was meant to be with and that my friends will eventually be able to bring home a baby that they are meant to have.

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