Wednesday, February 10, 2010

#TeamAndrewGarcia Hollywood Week!

Although it was taped a couple weeks ago, American Idol Hollywood week is on tv this week. I've never actually watched this portion of the show, but I found it really interesting that many people who gave really promising auditions in their hometowns totally bomb in Hollywood. I guess it's nerves, but it seems like it would be less stressful to be in front of the judges for the second time.

Anyway, our boy Andrew Garcia is still a front runner! When we heard the hopefuls could choose to accompany themselves on an instrument, my sister and I both really hoped Andrew would play guitar because he's really good. Sure enough, he played and sang a killer acoustic version of Paula Abdul's Straight Up:

Gutsy move! I wonder if he'd been planning to sing that for a long time (back when Paula was still on the show) or if he decided to pay tribute to the former judge after she left the show. Either way, it was an amazing performance! Andrew totally flipped the song on its head and made it far more beautiful than the original. Much like Marie Digby's version of Rihanna's Umbrella, I think Andrew's interpretation highlighted the lyrics and moved the pop song closer to being a really pretty love song.

Andrew once again got rave reviews from the judges, with both Randy & Kara showing excitement during the performance. Andrew's fellow contestants were totally into it, too, which I thought was pretty cool. My sister and I started shrieking when Ryan Seacrest's voice-over indicated that once Andrew was called out to the front row, they all knew that was the group that was going forward. :)

Twitter, blogs and new agencies are all onboard the Team Andrew Garcia train. I have yet to see a single negative word about him. While that could mean people won't bother to vote for him.. it still means he's getting the attention and accolades he deserves. Win or lose, Andrew is on his way up!

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