Thursday, February 25, 2010

Crochet Cysts!

I recently purchased a camera, and so I will be posting pics of Works In Progress very very soon.

I've been busy keeping up with my 2010 goals. I've been crocheting every single day. A lot of this has been using 100% cotton yarn, which I find takes a bit more effort and strain to work than acrylic or wool. I think this may be the cause of the crazy cysts I've developed in my right hand!

I noticed a tiny little round thing rolling around under my skin and within a few days it had grown from being the size of a large grain of sand to a small pea. It's now hiding, nestled between some bones in my wrist but I can still move it around. There's another tiny one growing in the middle of my hand. You can't see them and there's no pain but I can't stop playing with them. My doctor tells me they are Ganglion cysts. The cause is unclear but could possibly be from overuse of your hand and joints.

My doctor (who is a good friend) tells me these are commonly referred to as "PDR cysts". Why? Because a doctor can take the Physicians Desk Reference and drop it on your hand to pop the cysts! ACK! He's kidding, of course, but assures me he can pop them if I want. I've decided to wait it out for now. I've had small cysts before in other places before and they simply went away. In the meantime, I'm trying to hold my hooks a little looser in hopes that this will stop the growth of new ones.

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