Saturday, March 27, 2010


I'm a horrible blogger.

I've been busy... but have few photos to prove it. I do, however, have photos of my Easter creations. There are three little girls (and no little boys) on my mom's side of the family. They are basically related to me the same way: daughters of cousins. Technically they are as such: Soli- second cousin; Kiana- step second cousin once removed; Maya- second cousin once removed.


So, I refer to Soli as my cousin's daughter (or my "little cousin") and Kiana and Maya as my sort-of nieces. Don't question my logic.

All three of these girls are getting Easter gifts made my own soon-to-be-arthritic hands.


Easter Bunny Egg
Pattern by RoxyCraft ("Bunny Boo")

RoxyCraft's is so much cuter than mine. It's the eye placement mostly. I need to remember squished-up faces make for cuter little creatures. Oh well. Next time.


Purple Bunny
Pattern (also by Roxy!) found on Lion Brand ("Best Bunny")

I'm much happier with this... although I should probably have gone with a more Eastery color.


Hello Kitty dressed as Easter Bunny
Pattern by CrochetPatterns on etsy. ("Hello Kitty")

Again... eye placement issues. Her eyes should have been further apart. I'm also have trouble with connection points. You can see a few of the connecting stitches on the front of the head. Booo. Other than that, I'm pleased. This etsy shop has lots of cute patterns- I bought the entire collection, in fact. However, it'd definitely for an advanced crochter. You're left to figure LOTS of things out yourself. It took a lot of trial and error, but the finished product came out pretty well I think.

So... Happy Easter everyone. I have lots of big projects that are coming along slowly. Promise promise promise I'll get those up soon.

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