Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chocolate Bunny

I bought this set of patterns on etsy several weeks ago. You've already seen my main reason for the purchase: Miss Kiana's Hello Kitty Easter Bunny.I've been on an amigurumi trip all weekend, so I decided to try out the teddy bear pattern (not pictured).

As I worked along (in Red Heart "Classic" majorly cheap acrylic in Mid Brown) I thought it might make a cute bunny instead. I used the ears from Roxy Craft's Bunny Boo, added a loopy tail at the back and I'm pretty happy about it.

I made the eyes yellow to mimic the classic chocolate chocolate easter bunnies you get from the grocery store.

Ok.. so you may be wondering why the bunny is laying on a pile of granny squares. The photoshoot took place in my Work In Progress / Waiting To Be Gifted basket. My yarn stash is raging out of control, but I keep the yarn for projects separate. This little basket gets cleaned every-other-day or so and helps me stay organized. It currently looks like this:

I love all the little Easter friends hanging out waiting for homes. :) Ooo... and what's that little green thing? She's going to have her own blog post this week!

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