Saturday, August 7, 2010

Magic Yarn Ball Swap

I participated in my first swap on Ravelry this month. For those not in the know: a "magic yarn ball" is basically a ball of yarn you wrap around little gifts so as the recipient unwraps the yarn, they find all these goodies inside.

In my rush to get mine out to my partner, I totally forgot to take pictures. I'm really hoping she posts some, as I was kind of excited about it.

I came home to a priority mail box and was very excited to see it was my Magic Yarn Ball! I was too excited to find my camera, so I took a picture of the unwrapped ball with my crappy phone camera:

Once I got through unwinding it, this was my loot:

Inside was:
  • origami paper
  • really lovely chopsticks
  • a cute pen
  • a really nice crochet hook with a floral casing. (LOVE using it)
  • a small origami crane figurine
  • a small tea pot figurine
  • two Millstone coffees (yummy flavors)
  • a little "luck ladybug" on a rock
  • a cute little crocheted bag
  • Forte sea salt caramels covered in dark chocolate (SO YUM)
  • Crystal Palace dp knitting needles size 2.5

    The yarn was Fly Designs Lace Wing Sock yarn in Seattle (a very nice teal & purple combo). It's beautiful and I can't wait to start on some socks! There was also a skien of Sugar n' Cream Twists in green & cream. I plan to make some dishcloths for my new apartment. :)

    I'm really excited about my goods. I think I will be participating in the October swap.

    Have you participated in a swap with a stranger? How did it go?
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