Monday, August 2, 2010

Yearning For Yarn

I'm teaching an Introduction to Crochet class at LA Harbor College in a few weeks. The guy who runs the extension program happens to be a friend and invited me to teach after seeing some of my completed projects on Facebook. He was the one who decided the project for the class- a media cozy, basically. It's a good, simple item that we can get a good start on in the 3 hour class, so I agreed.

So here's the issue: I like to do everything in the round. Finishing is the bane of my crafty existence (please see 90% done works-in-progress to your right. boooooooo). Unfortunately, I think that's not the best way to teach beginners. They really need to learn about turning chains. So looks like I'm gonna have to churn out a cozy with lots of finishing.

So the upside is that gave me a reason to go a little nuts while buying materials. I get to give my students a fun bundle of hooks, yarn, darning needles, stitch markers... and maybe something else? Honestly- I'm already right at the limit of the budgeted materials fee, but may decide to go slightly over anyway. I'm really not in the class for the money anyway. I'm just excited to share the crochet love with new people. I like the idea that they might use the same hook or pull out a couple stitch markers one day years from now and remember how they started learning.

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