Monday, March 14, 2011


Sometime just before Advent last year I came across this great project on Ravelry. This lovely lady made a premie hat every day of Lent & donated them to a local hospital.

I've thought about it often since and was very happy to start up on Ash Wednesday! I'm a fast crocheter, though, so I've modified it a little.

I'm still making a hat a day, but some are premie hats (going to the NICU at my friend's hospital) and some are full term which I'm contributing to Bundles of Joy on Rav. They make all kinds of knitwear for the OB Ward at the Pine Ridge Hospital. There's a lot of poverty on the reservation and most people don't have anything to take their newborns home in, so I'm excited to be making full-term baby hats for them as well.

Even the full term hats only take about 15 minutes so when I feel like crocheting more I'm also making some little jackets, mittens and maybe booties. All of those will probably go to Bundle of Joy.

In the next few weeks I'll be sharing some other charitable knit/crochet projects I'm planning to work with! If you know of any worthy causes, let me know! I think I'd like to continue a commitment to charitable crochet/knitting throughout the year.

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Mollie. said...

What a fantastic idea! Well done!