Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On Being Proactive

I've gotten totally out of control on my spending. There are certain things I've somehow ended up stock-piling over the past 18 months. These things are make-up, wine & yarn. The make-up and wine I've gotten a handle on. The yarn on the other hand...

Remember how I'm on a yarn diet this year? Wanna know how many skeins I've purchased while on this "diet"?


Yeah. 90 skeins of yarn. WHAT ON EARTH?! Now keep in mind, 62 of those skeins came in one box from Japan. But seriously? Where did the other 28 come from? And I'm going to be honest... that doesn't include acrylic. Yeah. There's more. You can take on, I'm gonna guess 20 skeins of acrylic to that.

I bought enough Bernat Satin for a small throw to more or less replicate this awesome blanket I saw on pinterest (though I'll probably do squares instead of hexagons because I don't like the edges).

I can also blame pinterest for another 4 or so skeins. I have a ton of Red Heart Super Saver (yuck) in turquoise and blue from making Special Olympic Scarves. So I decided to use the turquoise for a blanket like this.

Of course that meant buying red, sage & off white acrylic. Why not just make a blue & turquoise one to use up all the yarn and not buy more? Good question. Because I have a problem! That's why!

Then I bought yarn for my Lenten commitment, which was REALLY stupid because I already had a bag full of baby yarn.

So how am I being proactive? On my long weekend off I photographed my stash (minus the acrylic) and updated my stash page on Ravelry. I am now diligently matching up my 2011 gift list with projects in my queue.. and those projects with stash yarn I already have. I think I can get through all of 2011's "MUST Makes" with my stash.

I'm hoping to get my whole stash back out for a "Flash Your Stash" photo by the "official" day (April 1). Let's hope it's at least a teeny bit smaller than it is at the moment. :)

Are you participating in Flash Your Stash? Do you buy yarn just for projects or do you stash too?


superbetty said...

I hadn't heard of "Flash Your Stash", but I might take part! I have got a lot better at stockpiling than I used to be. I think the main reason for this is that I don't work near a yarn store any more. I would "pop in" on my way home and leave with a bag of yarn. Now, I tend to just buy for specific projects, unless I see something that I can't resist and MUST HAVE RIGHT NOW!

cherie... said...

i'm not A HUGE stashed but i do have some - a box and a drawer of DK and another drawer of 'fancy yarns' mostly just good for freeforming...x