Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gettin Cozy

Since I've taken up crocheting again with a vengeance, my friends have taken up joking about it with equal vigor. My best friend and I will be moving in together in a couple months and she has repeatedly expressed a fear that everything in our house will be covered in a cozy. I have thus offered her boyfriend a handmade gun cozy because my best friend hates that he owns a gun. So there! Revenge crocheting for the win!

In other cozy-news, my sister came home from her job at Starbucks the other day and said a customer had a crocheted cup sleeve and I should make them. I realize these are all the rage right now, but I kind of have to ask why? I mean, sure, I could save the earth by not using the throw away sleeves... but how many people are going to carry a cozy around with them??

But then, of course, it was on my mind. And, much like fingerless mittens, the more I thought about them the more I had to make them. I busted out my huge-ass cone o' cotton (which has become my go-to yarn for things I'm trying to figure out) and got to work.

Chain 31 & join in a ring. Single crochet around in a spiral for a few rows. Add an extra stitch every 6 stitches for a couple rows. Few more even rows. A row with a few decreases to make sure it stays tight at the top. Done.

The basic sleeve took maybe 10 distracted minutes. (Hello? Did you SEE Glee last night? Amazeballs!) But, you know, a plain white cotton ring of crochet is pretty dull. I made a couple tiny little flat circles and an oval-shaped mini-cup, sewed 'em on, did a little quick embroidery and tah dah!!!

That's a polar bear coffee cup cozy right there, boi.

It's shown on a venti iced cup, which has quite a bit more girth than a hot cup (counter intuitive, though it may be). This should fit nicely about the middle of a hot cup.

I'm totally making more of these. I only have this white and some pink cotton at the moment, but eventually I'd like to make some other animals and maybe some random designs. These are so quick & easy I may have finally found the project I can sell!

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Anita said...

So Cute! Love. It.