Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stream of Consciousness Blanket

I've been sort of micro-blogging on ravelry. I started the very popular Tiramisu Blanket using Caron One Pound because it's cheap. I thought this was a good way to give you a glimpse inside my brain as I change my mind about a project...

4/29/10- I have no business starting a blanket with so many WIPs. I just can’t help it. This thing is supposed to be 32x32 inches but so far the inside section is only 22 inches wide. I tried using a larger hook but it was too open and if I’m going to make an entire blanket in single crochet you better believe it’s gonna be a solid. I have a tendency to make “baby blankets” that are huge, so maybe this is a good thing.

4/30/10- Man this yarn sucks. Couple that with the solid sc pattern and this could make for a really stiff fabric. It’s not totally unusable but it’s not lush and soft like I like things to be. Hopefully it’ll soften up once washed.

5/1/10- It’s coming along faster than I expected considering the sc. I’m still kicking myself for going with the J hook. I’m afraid I’m going to hate it when done. I do kind of like how neatly it folds up as a result of being a little stiff. That’s weird, right? Right. Of course it’s weird.

5/3/10- I put this down for a couple days to finish up the Hot Mama Smock. I’m about half-way through the center section and getting used to the fabric. After reading some other users’ comments on this yarn I’m pretty confident that it’ll soften up after I wash it. I can’t wait to get to the border.

5/10/10- I put it down AGAIN to give my poor thumb a rest. I really need to learn to hold the hook looser. I finished the main body & started on the border. I realized if I did the border as written the blanket would only be 26 inches by 26 inches. Too small! So I kept the dc/ribbon row but now I’m going to add a hdc row, a tulip row, another hdc, another ribbon & then I’m not entirely sure how I’ll finish it off. It will add a couple inches per side and hopefully I’ll like it more. :)

5/12/10- Alrighty... so after the tulip row I did a couple hdc rows and called it a day. I'm forgoing weaving in any ribbon because I think it'd be a bit much. I'm so pleased with it! YAY!

Since it started with the "Tiramisu" pattern but I added pink flowers to it I'm calling it The Italian Birthday Cake blanket. Get it? Cause I "frosted" tiramisu with pink flowers like a classic birthday cake! :)

Here's the finished blanket. I'm pretty pleased.

What do you think?

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