Thursday, June 17, 2010

Loved On

I visited my little niece, Maya, on Sunday night. Her REAL auntie was in town (I'm actually her second cousin once-removed) without a car, so we made the drive out to visit with her and her parents.

Maya was totally engrossed in Finis and Ferb. Seriously, she was like a little zombie on the couch. No amount of poking and prodding could distract her. Her mom grabbed the little bunny I made her for Easter and handed it to her. Without taking her eyes off the tv, she gave the bunny several kisses. I was really happy to see that it was, as suspected, the perfect size for her little hands.

There was a bit of wear and tear that has convinced me I need to work on some totally no-seam toys for the really young kids. Maya's not in any danger of swallowing anything, but I didn't like a couple bits of yarn hanging out here and there.

It was quite amazing to see something I made in the hands of someone I adore being used & loved on. I think I'll stick with this crocheting thing. :)

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