Monday, September 13, 2010


I'm totally failing at being a blogger lately.

First I lost my cable that allows me to upload photos from my camera. Now I've lost my camera! As a result I have no pictures of the completed projects I gifted this weekend. :( Sad.

The first is the Blessed Mother Prayer shawl (shown below about half way done)

This was my first attempt at filet crochet which is a relatively easy technique. Basically you create a grid using double crochet, chain 2, double crochet to get "open" squares and replace the chains with two double crochets to get "filled in" squares. The only thing that makes filet an "intermediate" technique is the need for an even gauge.

This shawl was also my first "prayer shawl". Basically the idea behind a prayer shawl is that you make it with a person in mind who's going through a hard time or is sick. You pray for them as you make it and then the shawl acts as a reminder that they are surrounded in prayer. I really love this idea.

The Blessed Mother shawl was gifted to one of my favorite women at church. Joan had a mastectomy last week. She's healing well. I knew she would. She's one of the strongest, most faith-filled people I know.


The second gifted item was Maya's 2 year old dress (shown below prior to any of my hated finishing)

True to form, I waited until the party's official start time to bother with buttons & ribbons. I also had to sc around the top to give a cleaner finish.

From the book

I purchase a 7/8" single-sided satin ribbon in "french pink" for the waist but couldn't find anything thinner for the shoulder ties at any of my local sewing stores. I ended up buying some on ebay. Naturally, when I was rushed to finish the dress I couldn't find the little ribbon, so I ended up using the excess 7/8" at the shoulders. It looked much more "lush", so I was happy. Wouldn't it be nice if I could show you? Yes. Yes it would.

I promise to be better.... if not for your sake then for my own sense of accomplishment. :)

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