Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stash management

I was doing so good.

I bought one of these closet organizers in which I stored all my yarn. Well, almost all. I also had a little bit in a rolling sewing machine tote thing. Also in the rolling tote was some hibernating projects.

Then I had my WIP basket which I was cleaning out every couple days and keeping nice and tidy.


My closet thing is totally jam packed & I'm not even sure what all's in there anymore. I have a large box FULL of worsted cotton for my hexagon blanket that I don't even intend to start any time soon. (so why did I buy the freaking yarn?!) I have a medium sized box FULL of sport cotton for the baby hexagon, which I have actually started.

I have two random ziplock bags full of mostly sock weight cotton. Why? I don't even make socks.

I have a back pack that has some random acrylic that I've been using to make afghan square for donation.

My rolling tote is JAM PACKED with yarn and I'm not even sure what it is. At the bottom are the hibernating projects, most of which I haven't looked at in a year.

My WIP basket got out of control. Cleaning it out is what prompted this tirade. I can't even say it's for works in progress anymore. I just rearranged all the yarn that was in (and AROUND) it so it looked neat.

Oh... and there's a stack of finished projects under my side table.

This week it HAS TO get under control. I think I've been putting it off thinking I'll pack it all up when I move & organize it in a nice new home. But at this point I don't know when I'm moving (plans & roommate options have changed several times) and this can't be put off any longer.

How to you organize stash, projects you're working on and finished objects? Any great tips?

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