Thursday, January 20, 2011

From A to Z

A few of my friends are bloggers and I happily follow their lives. I've yet to mention any of them because they are in no way related to crafting or anything I talk about here. A friend-of-a-friend, Angelina, recently started a blog with her boyfriend, Zach. This blog also has nothing to do with mine, but I wanted to mention it anyway because it was actually my best friend and I who came up with the idea!

I think Angelina did a really good job of summing up the reasons Hana & I thought they should share their journey with the world:
He’s White; I’m Black
He’s an Atheist; I’m a Christian
He’s a Democrat; I’m relatively moderate leaning toward conservative
He’s blond haired, blue eyed, and I’m dark haired dark eyed
He’s a pragmatist; I’m a romantic

OH.... and he's moving into her parents' house with her at the end of next month! It's like the makings of an off-beat sitcom. :)

I don't know Zach well but Angelina is an amazing person. She's strong, loving and very smart. I'm excited to see how she and Zach help each other grow over this change in their relationship.

So check out From A to Z if you wanted to join in on the journey!

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