Thursday, April 22, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

For the two readers out there who don't know me let me tell you something: I'm a big girl. AND I'm one of those big girls with a couple big girls sitting squarely on my chest. I "get away with" wearing full-coverage DDDs, but I really measure at a G.

So what on earth made me look at "Nell" and think I could make it for myself?

Seriously??? That maniquin doesn't have ANY boobs! I thought I could just increase the width, adding a couple motifs, and it would stretch across my chest. Well, yes, but that doesn't make it look like a bodice. It looks like a ribbon of crochet across my gigantic boobs!

GAH. I'm thinking about making it into a detail at the empire waist level of a dress perhaps? I don't know. Maybe I'll frog it altogether. Dammit! I was SO excited about making a shirt for myself!

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