Thursday, April 15, 2010


For those outside the online crafting community: WiPs = Work in Progress!

This is what's in my WiP basket at the moment:

Big Ol' Bear- I'm not sure who this will belong to eventually. It's gonna be BIG. I'm about half way through the height right now and including his little legs he's about a foot tall already. He's also rather heavy. This is a toddler gift at least... maybe an older child.

Fingerless Mitts- LOVE this pattern. I made a "trial" pair for myself with my never ending stash of varigated Patons Decor yarn. I love them. I'm now making a "real" pair for my friend's great aunt Maybelle. I love hearing stories about Maybelle. The most recent was that her hands got cold during a visit and she put on latax gloves! Apparently regular gloves don't give her enough finger mobility. :) Hope she likes the fingerless ones.

Granny Square Blanket- This project is eating my life. When I started out with the Patons Decor stash I decided to make a blanket. I picked colors that would match the varigated. Now I don't have enough of a coordinating color and have to buy more yarn. I refuse to calculate how much this damn thing is costing me- neither in time nor money. Ahhhh.... a work of love. Bastard better appreciate it.

Grannies for Haiti- This project started yesterday and will be done this weekend. Click the link in the sidebar for more info. I plan to send at least 10 squares... maybe more if this weekend finds me sick of working on....

The Soldier Scarf- Ok, this is actually ever in "the basket". It's always in some sort of project tote. It's so repeatative that it makes the perfect knit-while-visiting project. It's been busted out at many a Starbucks, several friends' homes, my car and in line at a film festival. It feels like it's NEVER going to be finished but it is growing slowly but surely.

I also kind of started a little shrug for myself but I think I'm going to frog it. We'll see.

Pics coming I swear!!

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