Monday, January 4, 2010


So my bestfriend, H, has been complaining lately that I've never made her anything. This doesn't seem like it could possibly be true, but then I think about it and I can't remember anything I may have made for her after all. We met in 1994 or 5... so 15 years of friendship seems like it deserves a scarf or something.

I'd been eyeing this very simple pattern on Hooks and Needles since I discovered the blog a week ago. After showing H the soldier scarf & hearing, once again, how I've failed her as a crafty friend- I decided to head straight over to Joann's and find some yarn to make her the cowl. She'll be interviewing for interships in several cold places starting next week, so I needed something quick and fun to send her on her way.

I used a "G" needle (since I'm totally disorganised I couldn't find anything smaller), so my pattern is a good deal larger than the example. This isn't great for the very cold Chicago & Denver interviews. Oh well. It's lovely for California weather and that's where I'm hoping she'll stay anyway! Can't have her too warm and cozy far away. She needs to long for home.

It's been a nice little break from the soldier scarf. Crochet and I go back over 20 years... so zipping through this baby has been very relaxing and satisfying after the tedious struggle of knitting. I started it about 9pm last night, worked on it between calls at work and I'm about halfway through. The problem? I thought "oh... a short little scarf with a really open weave CAN'T POSSIBLY take more than a skine". Yeah, I'm a little over halfway done with the cowl, but WAY over halfway through the skine.

Bigger problem: I bought this skine at the Joann's near where we ate dinner-- about 25 minutes away. I'm going to TRY to find it at my local store... but I'm not too optimistic about it. I may have to take a drive. *sigh*

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