Saturday, January 2, 2010


I like to say I don't believe in resolutions.
"If you want to change- change. You don't have to wait until January first."
Well, in truth I only say that because I don't like the pressure of everyone picking new goals all at once and waiting for each other to fail.

Still, I do have goals for the new year. I generally feel good when I'm doing happy things for others and being creative. Thus, I have made three goals for the year:

1) Organize my craft supplies. This includes getting rid of stuff I'm not using as I tend to be kind of a packrat.

2) Do something creative/crafty every. single. day. This doesn't mean I have to finish something every day.. I just have to work on something. Considering my love for very long scarves and my desire to crochet myself a blanket, this shouldn't be too hard.

3) Send one care package a month during Soldier's deployment. I have a friend being deployed to Afghanistan in the summer. During his tour in Iraq I basically only sent letters because I didn't know what he would need or want. I've decided to just do a little research on "general" things soldiers need, couple it with what I know about him already and go for it. I figure after a couple packages he might start making requests.

So, relatively simply goals. As the year goes on I always add more, but that's the beauty of "not believing in resolutions". The plan is to blog about these things- primarily as a way to get a "portfolio" of my creations, since it'd be nice to know remember what I've made.

Happy 2010 all. I look forward to spending it with you.

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