Thursday, January 14, 2010

What I've been up to

So my resolution is to do something creative every day. I've been totally living up to it, which is exciting. I had hoped for maybe some variety-- but all month I've just been crocheting & knitting. I do have craft ADD, though, so I currently have three projects going. They are:

1) The soldier scarf (which is becoming a pain my ass)
2) The ripple scarf (which will wind up being a Christmas present, I think)
3) Another cowl- most likely for me

Yes, I finished the cowl for H but I really kind of hate it. It's too big & bulky and just yuck. I still like the IDEA, however, so I started a new one with some very thin, very fancy hand-spun, hand-painted wool I picked up in San Francisco a couple years ago. A couple years ago!! It's probably sock weight- not something I'm used to working with. It's another slow-going project as a result. Tiny little yarn, tiny little hook. But it's working and I think it will be beautiful.

The ripple scarf... I came across Caron's new wool blend & "spa" bamboo blend. Fantastic. The colors are beautiful and it feels amazing. I'm using the array of beautiful colors as an excuse to make a gorgeous striped, rippled scarf. I briefly considered giving it to my cousin for her birthday this week, but realized she's a vegan & not too happy about wearing wool. Oh well.. it was actually meant for Christmas gifting anyway.

I love ripples and chevrons. I'm hoping to get started on a ripple blanket for myself. It's just such a daunting task.

I promise to get pictures up of some projects soon...

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Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Hi Lia,

Thanks for your kind words about my stationery! I like your crafty work, too! :)