Tuesday, January 19, 2010

USPS Rocks

Lest you forget- I have a couple other goals this year. One is to send a care package out to my soldier friend once a month while he's in Afghanistan. He won't actually deploy until the summer, but in the meantime I'm getting ready.

One thing that kept me from really trying to get packages out to him during the last deployment was that it seemed like such a hassle. Shop, bake, make stuff. Go to the post office to pick up priority flat rate boxes. Come home & fill them. Go BACK to the post office to mail the box off. We all know what the lines at the post office are like. It's like a miniature version of purgatory in there!

Well. Today I decided to see what postage was going to cost me come summer. I went to usps.com and discovered that A) there's an APO/FPO box that cost $2 less than the regular domestic flat rate, B) you can have a pack of boxes (minimum 10) delivered to your house free of charge and C) you can schedule a pick up from your house- also for free!

Hello? This makes my life SO much easier! I get enough stuff delivered to ME at home that I shouldn't really need to worry about other packaging materials. So now I just have to find stuff to fill those boxes that should be coming some time this week. Yes... I ordered them way crazy early, but I'll SO forget otherwise.

I also ordered a small birthday present for him. We don't generally do gifts, but I found something cheap that was kind of perfect. See- when deployed soldiers can't do things that might offend the "host country". This means, in Muslim countries there's no consuming bacon nor alcohol. The soldier loves him some bacon. So as a joke, I'm sending him these:

Yeah... that's bacon flavored envelopes, people. The glue on the flap tastes like bacon! Is that not the funniest thing you've ever heard? It sounds mildly disgusting to me, but I think he'll appreciate the humor.

Those will go out for his birthday pre-deployment. I've put down the scarf for the past week while I crochet to make myself feel better. The slow progress was really getting me down. In the meantime, I'm also collecting ideas for those future care packages. Any ideas and suggestions would be greeted with much joy and appreciation!

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