Sunday, January 3, 2010

Knitting 101

I first decided to learn to knit about a year ago after seeing a review on that linked to a pretty good instructional video. Later, my cousin happened to pick up some needles for me at a sale and it seemed like it was really time to learn. After a few practice runs and some spying on experienced knitters from afar, I figured out a kind of corduroy, knit two purl two, super easy pattern.

In my mini-research for Soldier's future care packages I realized Afghanistan is mountainous and pretty darn cold in the winter. This is probably very naive of me, but I thought it was a hot desert- like Palm Springs, not an all seasons desert- like our "high desert" area. Doh. Anyway, I picked up a couple balls of manly looking yarn and started knitting right around Christmas. Here's the progress so far:

a little less than a third of the finished length I think

not the best picture, but it shows the pattern a bit better

I really love the yarn. It's primarily black but naturally strips; alternating between a little silver/grey and a little purple. Manly but not drab. The Soldier is, well, a soldier... so he's pretty darn manly, but he's not adverse to wearing a pastel tie when the occassion calls for it- so I think the little bit of color is good.

It's slow-going since I'm still a newbie. Good thing he won't need it until next winter... that should be about when it's done!

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