Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Right after yesterday's cowl post I realized I HAVE made H something! Granted, it was only a couple little washclothes I crocheted when I woke up early for our spa appointment & couldn't go back to sleep... but I DID make them and give them to her! I even took a picture of them!

Right. So there.

These are really easy and fun and I love them. Use a 100% cotton yarn, chain a washcloth-width bit, half-double crochet (or, you know, whatever) until it's washcloth-lengthed and you done, homie. Love it. These are fantastic for your face and body, giving some gentle exfoliation action. They are also pretty good dish-washing clothes. I think they'd be an awesome way to add a personal touch to a little bath & body gift. Right? Of course right.

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